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The Childcare Providers preschool Co-op was formed back in 1975 as a child-centered preschool laboratory.


Affiliated with Edmonds community College CPPC provides the Child Care community an opportunity to further their education in early Childhood.


In the preschool classroom parents, providers and teachers become active partners in the children's education. research supports the long-term benefits of this type of early community involvement.


Skilled Edmonds Community College faculty plan and implement learning opportunities for both providers and parents.


Our skilled teachers provide a wonderful hands on learning environment for the children.


About The Preschool

For the Parents and Providers:

  • To enhance confidence in parenting skills.

  • To share individual ideas and concerns about child rearing.

  • To broaden our understanding of child rearing while building a network of mutual support.

  • To learn effective communication skills and child guidance strategies.

  • To develop and use leadership skills.


For the Children:

  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment to encourage children's natural love of learning.

  • To provide a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

  • To offer the children individualized attention and support as they learn to communicate and problem solve with others.

Program Goals
Cooperative Program

This cooperative preschool program provides development mentally appropriate learning experiences for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.


We include a pre-K enrichment program for those children who are 4-5 years old and will be attending school in the fall session.

Mission Statement

The mission of this program is to support child Care providers and parents as they become directly involve in their children's education.


CPPC offers a one of a kind preschool learning experience that serves a multi-age group infant-6 years of age.


CPPC is a child Care Providers co-op. It is open to those child care providers who wish to enrich their at home programs with a positive multi-age learning experience.

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